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a neighborhood north of downtown LA which was destroyed in order to make room for Dodger Stadium. No respect was given to those families who had lived in Chavez Ravine for generations who were evicted to make way for the incoming Brooklyn Dodgers. The park is still located in 'Chavez Ravine' but the community is no longer there. The sections in the Ballpark surrounding left field are now called Mannywood, in homage to the performance enhanced hispanic superstar brought over from Boston. Some beleive the spirits of the displaced still wreak havoc on Dodger karma.
Let's head up to Chavez Ravine, its a nice night for ball, ehh?
by doogiehowzit July 04, 2009
The effect on the Republican faithful of Governor Sarah Palin's extremely unprofessional and downright strange behavior in the political limelight. Winking at the camera during her Vice-Presidential run and her recent resignation as Governor of Alaska are fine examples. Coupled with her highly questionable professional experience and family/personal life most members of the GOP must rightly question what has become of their world.
I think she managed to Palienate even the horny old vets with that move!
by doogiehowzit July 04, 2009
Pissing on a fire to put it out. Common in the Pacific Northwest where people burn hella fires to keep warm and drink tons of microbrews to chill.
Tim cooked up a Seattle Sauna at 3 am last night, I don't think he saw Julie lying next to the fire.
by doogiehowzit December 30, 2009
stipper fart, made popular in some of Portland Oregon's lower eschelon strip clubs where customers are always looking for the next 'hot idea' to go with their steak dinners
After Burt finished his steak Chloe gave him the Portland Gust, now he don't need a smoke anymore!
by doogiehowzit December 29, 2009
slang for weed used by non-habitual smokers, since hippies are associated with weed in fact hippies are seen as being all about weed, to the point that weed to hippies would be as lettuce is to health conscious, tax paying, blue blooded Americans. Consumed daily it keeps your system 'clean'
I'm getting some hippie lettuce for the Patti Labelle concert, it's gonna rock!
by doogiehowzit July 04, 2009
when during the act of oral sex the receiving parter flips around and farts in the giving partner's face
I heard you facebooked Jill after the prom.
by doogiehowzit July 03, 2009
slang for Lompoc California, a rural farm town which because of its proximity to a federal prison and other factors has taken on a hard core flavor akin to the city of Compton, home of some of the truly legendary thugs of all time
Lil Boss been kickin' it up in Lompton, you know she gonna be in it fo life
by doogiehowzit July 03, 2009

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