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Slang for the city of Lorain, Ohio. A ghetto/gangsta city in West Cleveland.

Comes from the similarities between Lorain and Compton, the gangsta city in California.
Gangsta A-"You wanna go through Lompton and pick up some hos?"
Gangsta B-"No, Lompton is rough as fuck and I don't feel like dying today"
Gangsta A-"Tru"
by LomptonOG October 27, 2009
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slang for Lompoc California, a rural farm town which because of its proximity to a federal prison and other factors has taken on a hard core flavor akin to the city of Compton, home of some of the truly legendary thugs of all time
Lil Boss been kickin' it up in Lompton, you know she gonna be in it fo life
by doogiehowzit July 03, 2009
little compton
my bitch lives up in lompton
by self stimulus July 25, 2003

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