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54 definitions by dom

See blue-vein
Gemma has had a little too much pork bong today
by dom December 21, 2003
An uncharacteristic error, usually made by the goalkeeper or defensive line whilst playing FIFA that generally leads to conceding a goal.
Guy 1: Check out this awesome backheel to my keeper...
Guy 2: Haa burrrn! Blunderbuss! Blunderbuss! You've got a one way ticket on the Blunder Bus.
Guy 2: Eat a dick.
by dom January 22, 2013
the lick and stick or you eat her pussie and then u fuck her or visa versa
Person one: Little Johny used the stamp method on Sally!
Person two: Its about time that boy got some pussy
by Dom December 20, 2004
1.the hero for all afro-hairdo's
2.a great hair style
1.my hair is all floppy i'll have to call mat tavener @ 07729815032
2.lion's hair is a dude but it's no mat tavener
by dom February 03, 2004
A person or persons that stereotypically fall into the category of being a emo kid
yo home boy, look at that emoid over there with his girly black fringe, lets bust a cap in his ass.
by Dom November 12, 2004
Huge homo that lives in berwyn
Joe, Frances, ITSbassist
by Dom February 13, 2005
another word for "domus" a type of dip for carrots and celerie.
eg "homus".
by dom December 11, 2003