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Means by which CPL style camping is used to gain l337ness.
Hey tom, i bet i can Dom-X harder than you next round.
by Dom January 06, 2003
to steal
Yeah right! I dont pay for anything i gripped it.
by Dom February 03, 2004
act alittle of both sexs
the kids a real girly man
by Dom December 06, 2002
Dog's (or Donkey's)

Used as a euphemistic TLA
This new MSN7 really sucks BDC
by Dom April 16, 2005
dumn shit who is a total wanker
by dom March 21, 2003
A term used to describe the antics of a man when he goes without sexual intercourse for many days or weeks in a derogitory sense. This activity can be performed more then once per day, however, in doing so energy will be lost.
Roger had no girlfriend, so he was a swafe
by Dom March 15, 2004
a slang term for ur anus not ur ass
My whale eye burned when I took a shit.
by Dom February 03, 2004

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