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54 definitions by dom

to possess an extreme competitive side, especially with regard to sport. Given to Maloney, otherwise known as World Series. Similar to competitive
Maloney, stop being so World Series.
by dom February 24, 2005
9 60
brooklyn guy is gay he aint from brooklyn he lives up in ottisville and milks cows bensonhurst is mostly italian but has no more racial conflicts so get your mind rite!
say word brooklyns finest east 5th and ft hamilton represent!!!!!!!!!!
by dom November 20, 2004
19 72
Mad whoor Ironing freak!
Lives off Irn Bru and leftover Stovies
I wanted my pants Ironed so I mags'd them
by dom April 18, 2005
6 72
A laid back, chill person that enjoys an alternative lifestyle. Possible leisure activities include: weed smoking, making music, and kicking back with friends.
The dudes from "Dude Wheres my car", Every member of the cast from "Half-Baked" etc.
by Dom February 25, 2003
45 114
Short for describing one's vehicle of choice.
Frank: "Hey Chuck; What in tarnation it that vehicular device over there?" Chuck: "Why, Isajeep for damned sake."
by Dom August 17, 2006
10 103