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Outdated UK English slang for over-conventional and maybe pompous/old fashioned man
More modern equivalent = old fart.
He's a real stuffed shirt
by DJ February 25, 2004
noun: a vagina that happens to inhabit itself between the legs of a jewish female.
Whoa, that girl had a smelly vajewna!

That kid is such a vajewna!
by DJ December 23, 2003
Once a definition for a sacred holiday celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. Now a modern slang term for capitalists raping your wallet while you waste all of your money on people you hate.
Once again Christmas has left my wallet and desire for sex with a woman in an elf suit empty.
by DJ December 24, 2003
An expression of joy and excitement. See w00t for further clarification.
<tickettack>I just picked up SOCOM II!
by DJ July 19, 2004
Stealing something because of a bitter past.
Billy goregrimed my pack of gum.
by DJ March 20, 2005
A meat wagon is a police van, as it has contains many pigs(police).
'yo crush that blunt, here comes a meat wagon'
by dj May 23, 2004
Muttin Punx and St Pete Drunks.
a vicious gang coming from St. Petersburg Florida. dont fuck with them or theyre rape you in the bunghole they dont give a fuck!
oh my god here come the MPSPD cover your cornholes!
by DJ November 15, 2004

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