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stands for Queer as Folk, a tv show originally aired on Showtime, but now equally popular in Canada on Showcase. Showcase recently stopped airing it though, replacing it with the series "Dead Like Me."
Jenny: Hey, did you watch qaf last night?
Rebecca: what's qaf?
Jenny: queer as folk, the best show on tv!
by distorted_G December 30, 2005
Not having very good chances. From the origin of basketball and throwing garbage in to a garbage can when it obviously won't fit.
Howard: Are you going to throw that out?
Noel: just going to toss it from here
Howard: that won't fit, you have a cup shot at that!

followed by a miss
by distorted_G April 30, 2010
Somebody who pretends to be a vegetarian, but eats meat when they think no body is watching.
Hayley tried to make us become vegetarians, but then I saw her eating all this veal! What a flexitarian!
by distorted_G January 06, 2006

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