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Popular gay TV show, "Queer as folk"
Did you see the last episode of QAF?
by Sunshine August 15, 2003
A totally rocking drama about gay life in the Pitts
I wish i got showtime so i could watch QAF without downloading it from Kazaa
by Brian October 24, 2003
stands for Queer as Folk, a tv show originally aired on Showtime, but now equally popular in Canada on Showcase. Showcase recently stopped airing it though, replacing it with the series "Dead Like Me."
Jenny: Hey, did you watch qaf last night?
Rebecca: what's qaf?
Jenny: queer as folk, the best show on tv!
by distorted_G December 30, 2005
Acronym for "quick as fuck"
I was hungry so I ordered Jimmy John's because I knew they'd get here QAF.
by MikeHoncho85 April 03, 2015
Acronym, Qatar Armed Forces. The Army of the state of Qatar.

Some 8,500 strong.
the QAF were the first Arab fighting force to commit troops to peacekeeping in Lebanon.
by ...:::BeZ:::.. September 23, 2006
Idiot, moron. Etymology: Origin is from colloquial use of fag as a derogatory term (not necessarily meaning homosexual). Over time and with online usage, this became gaf and then qaf.
Stfu, qaf.
by bigjoe April 24, 2003
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