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5 definitions by dillhole

a dude that trys way to hard with chicks, usually younger chicks. Also usually waits till the chicks are fucked up to take advantage of them
Yo what the fuck ebert is such a creep
by dillhole September 04, 2005
The act of doing Bukakki on a woman when she passes out usually 10 or more men to the point the woman's head is completely covered in cum
She cane to the party. & passed out so we pulled a chum job on her she woke up with her head glued to the floor.
by DillHole December 04, 2013
A woman or Trannie who Snorts cum up her nose or sucks it threw a stray out of an asshole or Snatch
Then Blows bubbles out of the stray

She Also loves the act of sucking cum threw a straw then blowing in ur Asshole
The Ho on the corner is a Snarf Queen she will snarf ur load for $20
My Bro had his asshole Snarfed clean last week
by DillHole December 04, 2013
guy who whacks off in front of ppl (roommates, floormates, and girls)

for some fucked up reason, does it on the ground, with no hands, as if doing a push up

will never get laid by anything but his hand
Will hung his neck when the girl found out he was Will Hung.

Do not get confused with well hung, because he definitely is not!!!
by dillhole July 12, 2003
A greasy faced bastard whose pimples might explode at any time like popcorn and who delivers packages to hotels. Also known to give rim jobs to willing bellmen
Oh look, here comes package friend. He's such a putz.
by dillhole September 08, 2003