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Great fucking video about fights in the ghetto's of America. There are two parts now, and they both rule. It's so fun watching these idiots in pants 10x too large beat eachother up.
I just watched Ghetto Fights and i pissed my pants because it was so funny!
by Dick September 17, 2005
Or one crazy ass Asian.
Pomela is a Crasian, who gets 99's on her math midterms
by Dick November 01, 2004
A ride found in Disney(world/land) where the rider is braught to the top of a man made mountain and takes plunges into water in a boat.
Damn. I got wet on splash mountain.
by Dick June 15, 2004
Australian slang for trousers, now rarely heard. More likely to be used in country areas.
"If we are going out, I better put my strides on."
by Dick December 12, 2004
Correct definition: Excessively Happy.
I am exuberant that I actually retained the knowledge of K through 12 schooling. I am exuberant that I completed college. I am exuberant that I grew up in a well educated urban area. I am exuberant no one had intercourse with teachers to get a good grade. I am exuberant that I am smarter.
by Dick November 15, 2003
The result of either a)richuals b) shots c)chugging or d)a mixture of the above on one such individual widely known as Sooass. Usually accompanied by his accomplice 'Dick', Fast Eddie becomes red in the face, makes inappropriate comments to females in the vicinity, dances as if he's on speed, and wakes up in an unknown location usually with no memory of the night before.
Did you guys see Fast Eddie grabbing boobs, doing the robot, puking in the cab, ripping his clothes off and pouring drinks on himself? It was hilarious, I can't wait to party with Fast again.
by Dick November 22, 2004
in the sport of golf, when you fail to drive the ball past the women's tee, you must play the rest of that hole with your dick hanging out.
yes honey i had a good time today, but i did have to play one dick out hole.
by dick January 11, 2004
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