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A classic yet refined automobile used to entertain ladies to have sex with the driver of the car.
Wow, that hoesmobile turns me on, I want the driver in my pants!
by Dick April 19, 2004
Snoop's favorite kind of weather
interviewer guy: so snoops whats your favorite kind of weather?
Snoop: It's drizzle fo shizzle can't you see out the windizzle?
by Dick May 25, 2003
A cocky car
Ride the penis mobile for true enjoyment!
by dick December 30, 2003
an annoying brat you calls everyone " a dick"
she was such a silly pillbeam
by dick December 05, 2003
It is what V. Pissino see's in the mirror every morning. What a Mullet.
Don't be a Mullet
by Dick December 17, 2003
To ello one's own wandu.

To someone else: elsuwandu
Hey, man, elsuwandu.

I need to ellawandu.
by Dick December 01, 2003
To slap your penis into someones face or somewhere else. Usually happens when everyone is drunk or stoned and someone passes out or falls asleep. When he/she gets zwaffle'd, everyone laughs their ass off.
Guy 1: Look, he passed out hahahha.
Guy 2: Well go ahead, give him a zwaffle
Guy 1 *slap*
Guy 3: w..w w-What the fuck man?
by Dick September 17, 2005

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