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When you frag bods like fabian and dice, like you kill ksharp and you're like RIPT!
dice kills ksharp with a knife
dice: RIPT
by dice November 03, 2004
Your mind right after a long smoke-sesh.
Dylans came to school so ript this morning.
by PartyBoyVanGuy September 03, 2007
when you fart and it's so strong it tears a hole in your pants
man he ript that one
by :o February 24, 2005
ript is having an enormous penis in your pants during CS play.
rapNatural 1 shots kid.
kid dies
rapNatural's penis is enormous.
by rapNatural happy March 20, 2005
a bunch of idiots in a shithole club
#ript: fgts on ice, horray!
by hihi December 12, 2004
Being to wasted to remember what happened the night before.
holy fuck, whats james doing to that horse!
by jaramiah April 15, 2005
When coyote owns bijan and its like ript
coyote headshots bijan
Coyote: RIPT #R
by coyote February 28, 2005
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