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The act of doing important work on a Sunday Night for a Monday morning deadline.
Ben: You done that Educating Rita coursework yet?
Richard: Nah, i'll do a Sunday Night Rush.
by dexterchip May 29, 2009
When a male's boxers get pushed towards the crack on his ass resulting in a thong like appearance. Can be caused by wedgies or sitting down and sliding on the chair.
Physics Teacher: Char, i've got a massive boxong going on here!

Char: LOL!
by dexterchip February 10, 2009
Someone who accepts and broadcasts the dumbed down mass media opinion over thinking for themselves. Often will be overly patriotic and borderline racist. Typically reads a middle market tabloid.
Dan: I Was Born In The UK, So Why Do I Have Less Rights Then Immigrants?

Jake: You don't, why don't you start forming your own opinions based on your own research rather than spouting dail mail readers letters you shitmuncher.
by dexterchip February 20, 2011
When you sit down on the toilet and the seat is sticky because someone with a bad aim pissed all over the seat previously.
Bob: Dude I need to slash so bad
John: There are some public toilets over there, go for it!
Bob: Public toilets are always pissticky though!
by dexterchip July 21, 2010
When someone takes sarcasm way too far. Usually ruins a quick witty quip.
Ryan: Hey, did you see the Justin Bieber movie?
Alex: Yeah man, it was so sweet! I love bieber he's so awesome and his hair is so cool and I love how he is so cute and I just want to marry him and OMG have you seen his haircut, it's so rad and I follow him on twitter and I have all his clothes and I got my hair cut just like him and..
Ryan: Dude, way Too Farcasm
by dexterchip March 18, 2011
A virgin for life. A person that is so unattractive and weird that they lack the ability to pull the other gender and will do into the foreseeable future.
Tom: Dude check out that guy's joke abercrombie and fitch shirt!
Rich: Yeah, that guy is such a shrubb!
by dexterchip October 23, 2010

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