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Someone who accepts and broadcasts the dumbed down mass media opinion over thinking for themselves. Often will be overly patriotic and borderline racist. Typically reads a middle market tabloid.
Dan: I Was Born In The UK, So Why Do I Have Less Rights Then Immigrants?

Jake: You don't, why don't you start forming your own opinions based on your own research rather than spouting dail mail readers letters you shitmuncher.
by dexterchip February 20, 2011
A person who receives pleasure from ingesting excrement, human or otherwise. Often used pejoratively of a person who is deemed annoying, ignorant or in any other way disagreeable.
Fuck off you shitmuncher.
by PoopyPoo October 25, 2004
Everyday common folk i.e Bottom feeders

Back in the Middle Ages, impoverished townsfolk; whom the King had absolutely no interest nor sympathy for, would have to survive by eating dung and dung only because of their lack of monies. Hence the name "Shit-Munchers".
Royal Advisor - "Oh Almighty King, what shalt we do about thy lack of monies?"

King "Tax the shit-munchers mofucky"
by Clemperstein January 17, 2011
In which a man shits into a womans mouth, where the woman wipes it over her self while digesting some too.
Woah, What a shit muncher.
by The_Cure56 June 22, 2006
A group of people who think they're mates with everyone when in fact they're barely friends with the people in their group.
Tend to grunt and screech a lot, rarely using any discernible language
Come up with idiotic, un-amusing nicknames for each other
Of very low intelligence, often convinced they are far cleverer than the really are.
Frequent use of the word "Banter"
"God, isn't Dave a Shitmuncher"
"Yeah, thinks he's a legend"
by AlbertFox September 18, 2014

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