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2 definitions by derf2

that throbbing feeling you get in your temples when you are resisting the temptation to choke the shit out of a certain individual
JE: i've been dealing with a moron all day and now i've got a throbbing pain in my temples.
Freaky F: aaaawwww man, you've got brewsitis, i'll get you some aspirin.
by derf2 April 13, 2005
short for fucking putz
someone with little or no coordination or does not think about what they are doing
JE: Hey Freaky F, did you have fun at the slutfest?
Freaky F: No, I had to do my laundry, and by the time i got there, they had left.
JE: ya stupid futz
by derf2 February 07, 2005