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4 definitions by dennis-mcgavidy

australian; aussie; no particular attributes, except their ockerinity
"have you spoken to the possum pokers about that yet?"
by dennis-mcgavidy April 03, 2006
18 2
particularly obnoxious aussie; not just a dickhead but an arsehole as well; usually someone who'll give you shit with the intent of being offensive not just stupid; reserved for the worst of the bunch. often used in response to the oft-quoted and never-tired-of phrase aussies use for new zealanders: "sheep-shagger" or more recently "sheep-fucker"
ok, so you won the commonwealth games, shut up about it roo raper
by dennis-mcgavidy April 26, 2006
20 7
literally platypus('s penis) peel(back and root)er; can be applied to blokes and sheilas
nah don't worry about them, thyet're just platty peelers.
by dennis-mcgavidy April 26, 2006
13 2
australian; aussie, particularly broad and obnoxious, usually a bloke, not so much a sheila
no wonder he thinks the beer's warm, he's a bloody dingo digger!
by dennis-mcgavidy April 26, 2006
12 2