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a complete tool encompassing all aspects of being a tool. the grandaddy of all tools. this person is a tool in any situation.
skyler and brad never missed an opportunity to be tools. at home, at the mall, at the park, and with all groups of friends. they are complete tool bags.
by deezo May 04, 2005
to play it by ear, but when alcohol will obviously be involved in the future.
admitting alcohol makes plans less concrete.
hey todd, what should we do saturday morning?
well, skyler's party is friday night, LETS PLAY IT BY BEER.
by deezo June 10, 2005
dropping ass fumes in the close confines of a tent, especially when others are in it.
pete turned our tent into a portugeuse smokehouse and probably shit his pants doing so.
by deezo March 23, 2005
Christian Drunk.
pronounced crunk.
getting hyped on sodas or red bulls.
possibly singing songs and traveling in large groups while exuding positivity from the lord.
father larry is having a pizza party. lets bring a case of mountain dew and get chrunk.
by deezo June 28, 2005
to play it by ear but when alcohol will obviously be a factor.
hey todd, lets go surfing saturday morning.
well skyler's party is friday. we'd better play it by beer.
by deezo June 20, 2005
blowing it at the worst possible time. messing up in the least expected way when everything else is perfect. picture a ninja on a mission. climbing buildings, jumping roofs, tiptoeing here and there. and just as he's right above some enemy samurai or something, at the most crucial time, the ninja rips a loud squeaky fart. buweeet!!!
i finally got alone with that chick ive had my eye on, but i proceeded to rip a ninja fart when i talked to the fifty year old prostitute instead.
by deezo May 09, 2005
sucks balz. rage kicks ass.
audioslave sucks balz
by deezo March 28, 2005

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