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A person, usually male, that treats one like dirt.
My ex is such a slime ball for cheating on me.
by Dee March 02, 2003
The greatest whiskey/ scotch blend known to mankind. Mix with Jack Daniels and Jim Beam to create a drink known as "The Three Wise Men." (Some prefer to add Jose Cuervo instead of Jim Beam.) Very popular amongest the Indian community (from India.)
My friend thought he was hardcore because he drinks JD, so I gave him a couple shots of Johnnie Walker's Black Label and he was on his ass.
by Dee June 19, 2005
A round yellow jolly thing with eyes and a smiling mouth.
I have a happy face sticker.
by Dee July 24, 2004
The term responsible for the paradigm shift in how gypsys will be viewed in centuries to follow. Coozed up is a word absent from the vernacular but is used in reference to a drunk, or a whore...I think.
"Now listen here, you coooooozed up gypsy!"
-Master Shake
by Dee July 14, 2004
weird, fucked up, messed, also can mean wild, thrilling, or just cool
First Meaning: Thats fucking dooger man!

Second Meaning: That was the most dooger sex I have ever had!
by Dee November 04, 2004
to steal something
"yo ima d-block ya gurl son"
by dee December 24, 2003
another word for viagra, or lack of it
ive got no viagra so mycoxaflopin
by dee September 23, 2003

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