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a phrase you use to describe someone who is annoying/uncool/dumb.
Yo kid, you a wing!
by Dee May 20, 2004
Whatever it is, it's true.
I don't wanna watch you makeout with your girlfriend, its disgusting, get a room!
by Dee November 19, 2004
An extremely quick and fun to drive sports car that has great handling and priced reasonably.
That guy in the Boxster gets a lot of girls.
by Dee January 01, 2005
When you make fun of someone or something. A.k.a. diss
Kimberly's "cuttin' ass" on Tony sayen he be eating mad much.
by Dee August 19, 2003
A submissive homosexual male who plays the female role in a same sex relation.
Man: get on your knees, bitch boy! I need a blowjob!
by Dee May 13, 2005
a man who actively looks for men to pick up.
This pickle sniffer wouldn't stop staring at my boyfriend.
by dee October 01, 2004
A black woman or man's body. Usually referring to it in a sexual nature, and usually used when talking about his or her private parts, i.e. pussy or dick
Hey baby, do you want some of this dark meat?

John, do you like dark meat?
by dee January 20, 2004
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