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to try to get a lower price on something
Seller: This is the best I can do
Jew: come on cant you jew it down a bit?
by dboyfromdahood January 30, 2012
used to tell what would happen in a really bad situation
If my parents find out about the F on my math test, heads will roll
Keep your hands off my girl or heads will roll
by dboyfromdahood March 06, 2012
When you shit so hard it explodes out, can be shown by many small particles of shit ALL over the toilet bowl
Bob: Jim look at that toilet. Someone mustve had a nuclear assplosion in here!
**Jim looks at toilet**
by dboyfromdahood February 16, 2012
describing a girl whose body appears to be built specifically for sex
guy 1: damn look at her shes hot
guy 2: yeah, she looks like sex
by dboyfromdahood February 04, 2012
You don't care. You don't give a fuck.
Teacher: Hey why didn't you do your homework?
Kid: I'm sorry, I totally forgot to give a fuck
by dboyfromdahood March 26, 2012
when you are in class or another public place and a sexually attractive girl causes you to get an erection, and you attempt to keep it hidden to avoid embarassment
I was in class today when Michelle walked by in her short shorts. It was the battle of the bulge, big time.
by dboyfromdahood March 05, 2013
redneck way of saying "I'm gonna kick your ass"
Bubba if you touch my momma again, your ass is grass and you can call me john deere!
by dboyfromdahood April 28, 2012
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