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19 definitions by dboyfromdahood

used to tell what would happen in a really bad situation
If my parents find out about the F on my math test, heads will roll
Keep your hands off my girl or heads will roll
by dboyfromdahood March 06, 2012
8 3
to try to get a lower price on something
Seller: This is the best I can do
Jew: come on cant you jew it down a bit?
by dboyfromdahood January 30, 2012
5 0
When you shit so hard it explodes out, can be shown by many small particles of shit ALL over the toilet bowl
Bob: Jim look at that toilet. Someone mustve had a nuclear assplosion in here!
**Jim looks at toilet**
by dboyfromdahood February 16, 2012
4 0
describing a girl whose body appears to be built specifically for sex
guy 1: damn look at her shes hot
guy 2: yeah, she looks like sex
by dboyfromdahood February 04, 2012
7 3
when you are in class or another public place and a sexually attractive girl causes you to get an erection, and you attempt to keep it hidden to avoid embarassment
I was in class today when Michelle walked by in her short shorts. It was the battle of the bulge, big time.
by dboyfromdahood March 05, 2013
4 1
You don't care. You don't give a fuck.
Teacher: Hey why didn't you do your homework?
Kid: I'm sorry, I totally forgot to give a fuck
by dboyfromdahood March 26, 2012
5 2
big fat black girl tits
Damn look at the shitties on her!
by dboyfromdahood November 22, 2011
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