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Like I Could Give A Shit

Used when you really don't care about something, or want to seem like you don't.
Person 1: Rick, your ex-girlfriend just killed herself.

Rick: Hah, LIC GAS.
by dbmag9 November 02, 2009
Contraction of 'Facebook hack'. When someone is on your Facebook account and pretends to be you for comic effect. Sounds a bit luck 'fuck' which makes it funny.
Status: "how to get cock out of vacuum cleaner"
Comment: "shit this isn't google"
Comment: "Got fhacked, guys, sorry."

"Did you see his posts on her wall? They were really rude."
"I don't think it was him; he left his laptop open and got fhacked at that party."
by dbmag9 November 25, 2012
Tactical Day Off: when somebody takes a day off school/college in order to catch up on work, or avoid a deadline. Not to be confused with bunking, which is done simply for amusement/lack of motivation.
Teacher: Where is Bloggs? 'Ill', again?

Class: TDO, sir.


Bloggs: I do IB; TDO's have become a necessary part of my schedule.
by dbmag9 February 24, 2010
To get worse over time, become rubbish.
"The Saw films peated out like expected." -everyone with taste

"My dad's depressed; his career is going to peat out pretty quickly." -not me, someone else

"If you wanna get all 'Danni Boi's peating out', then youre gonna get a beating" -Danny Boi, 'Heart Attack'
by dbmag9 October 05, 2010
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