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4 definitions by dazed.konfuzed

A weather system that results in record-breaking cold temperatures. Can also be used as euphemism for "really fucking cold" or "fucking freezing."
Schools are closed because the polar vortex dropped temperatures below zero F.

My heater broke, now my house is a polar vortex.
by dazed.konfuzed January 04, 2014
Extremely high-quality marijuana. This term carries more weight when used by someone who actually traveled to Amsterdam and sampled their fine cannabis for him/herself.
This weed is beyond fantastic... this is Amsterdank !
by dazed.konfuzed June 14, 2010
Something a sore loser would say, after a monumental and embarrassing loss.
Boehner: "We fought the good fight, we just didn't win..." *starts crying*
by dazed.konfuzed October 16, 2013
Firefox (the popular browser) as pronounced by novice users.
Technician: which browser do you use?
Novice user: I'm using foxfire
by dazed.konfuzed June 11, 2011