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this word once meant what "hip" came to mean, and what "phat" or "tha bomb" means today
That cat playing on the bongos is hep, man!
by David October 31, 2003
A band that redefines, and recreates something new, that people acually like and sounds good, instead of crap like Country-Rap. Will beat the snott out of you when compared to crap.
I will Linkin Park you if you keep talking like that to me.

I like to Linkin Park this movie.
by David February 17, 2005
A sound that was heard in the restroom.
I just heard a loud noise in the restroom.
by David June 10, 2004
The General American term for a fizzy drink.
I want to go buy a soda. All Americans should understand what this word means. It is sometimes miscalled ''pop''.
by David January 15, 2004
A derogetory term for someone from Wales. Actually, the derivation of this word is as follows (from the racial slur database): "The Taff is the name of the river that runs through Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Also from a poem that starts: "Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief...." Another explanation is that Taffy is based on an English pronuciation of the common Welsh first name, "Daffyd" (David)."
Why don't you go fuck a goat, you filthy taffy."
by david December 14, 2003
Some people who is said to be a loser and fat and ugly who is a virgin. Who likes video games. People who think this are confusing with a geek. See us gamers like to have sex and to other stuff more then videogames. While geeks just want to sit on their computer or infront of a tv.
I'm a gamer. I like to play video game. I have been been with the same hott women for 5 times getting laid a lot. Geeks are people who would like to have sex with a cd drive more thena women.
by David January 19, 2004
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