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Some people who is said to be a loser and fat and ugly who is a virgin. Who likes video games. People who think this are confusing with a geek. See us gamers like to have sex and to other stuff more then videogames. While geeks just want to sit on their computer or infront of a tv.
I'm a gamer. I like to play video game. I have been been with the same hott women for 5 times getting laid a lot. Geeks are people who would like to have sex with a cd drive more thena women.
by David January 19, 2004
this word once meant what "hip" came to mean, and what "phat" or "tha bomb" means today
That cat playing on the bongos is hep, man!
by David October 31, 2003
A salute from the rear.
You should walk right up there and give her the rear admiral.
by David October 19, 2003
A sound that was heard in the restroom.
I just heard a loud noise in the restroom.
by David June 10, 2004
Doe, No only with a D
"Hey you gots any money?"
"Doe I just spent it all"
by David March 05, 2005
really really nasty easter candy
Peeps taste like shit
by David April 27, 2004
Australian term, used primarily when playing table soccer. Invoked whenever a memorable or important goal is scored.
Must be delivered menacingly, low pitched and through gritted teeth.
The better the goal, the more forceful and drawn out the phrase has to be
Dave scores goal on Sam.
by David April 04, 2005

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