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desirable, irresistable, sometimes annoying, indifferent to your feeling, high ranked, extremely cute when he is in his mood, and... charming
"oh... now u ask me to do things for you ha..." said enoch
by hupia August 20, 2004
Enoch was the name of the legendary First City in the mythology of Vampire: The Masquerade, a pen and paper role-playing game series created by White Wolf. It was a city where Kindred (vampires) and Kine (humans) coexisted in relative peace. It was said to have been founded by Caine, the First Vampire; the very same Caine from the Bible who was cursed by God for the murder of his brother, Abel.

Caine gathered all his spawn and in turn they gathered their spawn and together they constructed Enoch. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. In time the fueds of the Kindred within Enoch became too great, and the city crumbled as a result of their battles. While some belive that it may have been a natural disaster or a spurned childe's (the term used for a Kindred's spawn. Plural childer) vengeful sorcery. No matter what caused the fall of Enoch, Caine and the three vampires that were his first childer vanished, never to be seen again........
Enoch, the city of legend where the living and dead lived together.
by Shadow of the Void June 23, 2006
Pronounced E-nix.

1) Enochs is a common word for being particularly bootylicious or having a nice ass.
1) Quinn: So how was that girl last night?
Fatty: Great. She was hella Enochs.

2.Fatty: That chick is Enochs.
by Kitty K. June 18, 2006
when a guy dates older women
I enoched the bus driver
by WAJUN June 16, 2011
An inbred. Someone who results from incest. It's a reference to the Abrahamic story of Enoch, the son of Cain and Awan (brothers and sisters) who married and produced him.
"I'm going to have to share a bed with my sister tonight coz theres a visitor in my room right now"

"Okay, but make sure you don't produce an Enoch with her okay?"
by tory borty July 29, 2013
A method of Quinning or having sex with a fat gamer who looks like a chick
Jane: Did you Enochs that dude last night.
Erika: Hells yeah bitch he was all like OMG game!!!
by Kitty and Bosh May 30, 2006
A large black male, usually towering over 7 feet tall. Can be found in the suburbs of northern California (otherwise known as the bay area "BAY AREAAAAAAA yeeeeeee") 9 out of 10 chances are his accomplice, Mr. Pig (been in rehab more times than Britney, Paris, and Lindsay, also a recent meth addict) can be found doing numerous activities. Usually the head of the relationship, Mr. Pig acts according to plan. I.e. planning bombings, news casts, and adding a comical wit to everything. Enoch just tags along and is the muscle of the relationship. He is occasionally dumb, has 7 pairs of the same type of overalls(Levis). Also refferred to as EQUINOX.
One walks into the cafeteria where a large screen (at least 60 by 90) is set up. Immediatley, Equinox(Enoch) questions the screen and why it is there. Mr. Pig, miraculously appears on the screen wearing not his usual attire, but a tailored suit, crack pipe in left pocket, and at least a 60 page ittinerary. He cannot help but fidget and rearange, probably his temporary tourrettes kicking in. Equinox proves his worth after ten minutes after staring at the screen a lake of drool drowns and kills three freshman.
by Austin Krunkmeyer January 07, 2008
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