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One who tries to be funny, often without success.
TheEndruu told a joke, the joke left something to be desired: Funny.
by Davey July 15, 2003
A suspended clew of shit trapped in the pubic anal hair.
Quincy, please release your fore-finger and thumb from my Quartz-Bauble's - My asshole is stinging like a japanese wasp
by Davey November 06, 2003
Daveys boyfriend
bug loveable teddy bear
by davey February 11, 2004
bile has nothing to do with the stomach. it is secreted by the liver, stored in the gall bladder, and then sent to the intestine via the common bile duct.
bile obstruction can be a dangerous disease.
by davey January 27, 2005
The way "stupid" is spelled by a 12-year-old who plays at least 50 different internet games a week. Believes "l33t" is some divine language and that it should be used by everyone, too bad it's just an excuse for not being able to spell.
u r s0 st00pid ROFL!!! lik omg g3t a l1f3 rOFL!!! I'm c00l!! I 0wn j00! ROFL
by Davey June 05, 2004
Short for "Lolita Complex" in a pairing. The "lolita" is always female, and the other member of the pairing is always older than the "lolita." The lolita is generally underage.
Person A: Did you read the Albedo/MOMO roricon?
Person B: Yeah, that was really sick...
by Davey December 07, 2003
the ability to make the opposite sex fart when you want them too. On command you can control the flatulence of others.
jerry made elizabeth fart because he has the power of blithe.
by davey February 07, 2004
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