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Taken from the DragonForce Vocalist's name ZP Theart.
I mean let's face it, he is Power Metal's worst singer.

Used in Power Metal terms to describe how shit something (which means pretty much anything you dislike) is.
Kid 1: Hey man, what do you think of Slipknot?
Kid 2: Aw dude, they suck, they're so ZP.
by MelodeathAddict June 03, 2009
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An arbitrary but extremely small unit of measurement derived from a small penis.
I missed the goal by a ZP.
by The Ditzer November 26, 2008
Zygote porn
Zp; when cp isn't young enough
by Jake ke May 26, 2009
A bald and rather grumpy Scottish gnome

Can also be pronounced ZEDPEE, ZUPEE or ZARPE
"Core look at dat rotter ZP!"
by Diametrica June 09, 2005

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