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crazy. everyone wants one! uber unique always is the party mess with a zell youll get a big can of ass woopin!
PHOEBE:hey emily guess what!
EMILY:what phoebe?
PHOEBE:i got me some zell last night!
EMILY:lucky bitch!
by cullenxxedwardxx December 27, 2008
n: 1. The greatest/worst Tight End in Miami (FL) history AKA Christopher Zellner.
Jake: Hey did you guys watch the Emerald Bowl?
Kory: Yeah, Zell played magnificently with with 8 receptions for 48 yards.
Charlie: Career highs in both categories i believe.

by Ch. McKernan. Ca. January 21, 2009
Africans refer to their feces as "Zell"
An African tribesman points to a pile of feces and says "Zell".
by Dr. Eric Engle January 16, 2009
There are many deffinitions for this insulting comment
1)Wanna-be ghetoo
2)Racis blond "girl"
3)Someone with a irrational fear of public transportation
4)Someone who says racis things such as "You ride the city bus! But thats were the gangsters are!"
5)Someone who defends there racisim by saying "Im not racis. I had a black friend in the third grade!"
6)Someone who thinks they have..streetsmarts
Drizzle: Yo Tipper guess what

Tizzle: What?!

Drizzle: Wellman is a..ZELL!!

Wellman: ~sobs in the corner~
by drew-suf December 13, 2007
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