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7 definitions by daveless

One of the greatest Brazilian footballers of all time. He gets overlooked because of Christiano Ronaldo who is an inferior player, and mentioning "Ronaldo" will make more people think of Christiano than the Brazilian star.
Me: Wow, Ronaldo just played a great game.

Some moron: Oh, Christiano Ronaldo? that cheating scum!

Me: No, the bald Ronaldo you stupid brit.
by daveless August 12, 2006
The greatest Mexican footballer of all time, and one of the few things Mexico has to be proud of. He played in many clubs, including Real Madrid in which he helped win many titles, and he played for the Mexican national team but didn't go too far with them. He is the closest Mexico has to a Maradona or Pele
Jim: Wow, Wayne Rooney scored from far away!

Old geezer: Pfft, I've seen Hugo Sanchez score with a backflip kick back in '88, he would embarrass you all if he still played.
by daveless August 15, 2006
An incorrect spelling of Ronaldinho
Kid: Ronaldiho is my favorite player!

Jim: Who the hell is that?
by daveless August 04, 2006
A series of football (soccer) commercials by Nike promoting the "beauty" of the sport and showing examples of "how it should be". The host of these clips is Eric Cantona, a legendary Manchester United footballer who promotes fair play and passion, but hates the pulling of shirts and voilence on the field yet he once unleashed a kung fu kick on a fan back in 1995.
There should be a Joga TV clip featuring Zidane and his headbutt, maybe that would "make the ball happy"
by daveless August 03, 2006
a way to say "fuck it" without it being censored on message boards
Jim: aww phuckit... this sucks
by daveless August 04, 2006
A female with a great body that deserves a paper bag on her head for having a strange looking face.
I won't wanna screw Salma Hayek until she puts a bag on her head, she's such a bag girl.
by daveless August 04, 2006
Abbreviation for "This Totally Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread"
Topic title: "I almost ran over a squirrel"

by daveless August 02, 2006