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Some damn good eatin'. Considered a favorite of blacks (for actually quite some time, like decades), but anyone can eat this luscious, succulent treat. ^.^
"Get me summa dat friiiied chicken mothufucka!"

"A word of advice : Hardees fried-chicken is delicious, but it will give you a bowel-attack if you're not careful."
by Dave October 28, 2004
Initials for Son Of a Bitch.
"Get back here you fucking sob!!"
by Dave January 30, 2004
Female of latin origin (mostly spanish), as opposed to latino (male latin). On a sidenote, latinas are very hot'n'sexy. ^-^
"There's all kinds of beautiful women out there, but latinas have hot characteristics of their own which could make them the hottest hotties out there. ^.^ but that's still under debate......for me anyway."
by Dave January 29, 2004
Female mammary glands. Although they are used biologically for feeding offspring, breasts are actually attractive. In fact, breasts are the #1 factor in how a woman looks to a man. In otherwords, the bigger a woman's breasts, the better.

The truth is also that men have breasts, but they're not so important as a woman's, and thus the male variant is often called "chest". Although, "chest" is used to refer to a woman's rack, often used in paranoia, either by women or men.

Overall, I love breasts. ^.^
"Me? Well, I prefer a woman's face, but I more and more understand, when it comes to love, the importance of a woman's bosoms. Supposedly it feels ticklish when they are fondled, and they also make fluffy pillows. Make sure you treat them good because it HURTS when you hit them. Nevertheless, be careful when looking at a woman's breasts, because if you look at them for too long instead of looking into her eyes, she will notice and possibly commence hostilities."
by Dave December 30, 2004
Work In Progress
The model I've made is still a wip!
by Dave August 26, 2003
Pronounced "doosh"

*Vaginal cleaning item.
*An offense-purpose word toward a person.
"You're such a douche!"
by Dave April 16, 2004
Pyramid Head is a very symbolic enemy that is seen in Silent Hill 2. He receives this name because almost half of his body is shelled in an enormous, blood-red, triangular mask. He is generally well-known for his appearance, and an enormous, sword-like knife he drags with him. Sometimes he carries a spear.

What makes Pyramid Head symbolic is that he is a major element in Silent Hill's gloomy history. Pyramid Head is considered to be the embodiment of James's suffering (in the Silent Hill 2 storyline), and he is also a servant of Samael (from Silent Hill 1). Pyramid Head was an executioner during the Age of Our Founding Fathers in this ghost town (literally a ghost town), an executioner of the guilty at least.

Silent Hill is what you make of it. If you are guilty, Pyramid Head will come for you. Maybe even if you are innocent, you must avoid him at all costs....after all, he is one spooky bastard! @.@
"Good job you fuckwad. He was busy raping some demon and you just had to interupt him. He's gonna stalk you forever now as punishment."
by Dave September 28, 2004

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