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to excrete inside a condom, freeze the condom and then use like a penis to give some one anal plessure.
the man went to his freezer and got the condom he had loaded the night before and "docked" it inside his boyfriends rectum
by dave December 07, 2003
Oops, eheheh, WORLD, not nation. Strongest nations in the WORLD. My bad. ^-^
How are people capable of defining words without needing to put in an example, huh?
by Dave April 11, 2004
*Short for "democrat".
"Don't be messin' wit dem boys now!"
by Dave January 14, 2004
Code word used when one speaks about a nigger.
That pumkin has been on wellfare all his life.
by Dave October 30, 2003
To latch onto someone in a hug.
"I like to glomp hot chicks. ^-^ lol"
by Dave May 16, 2004
Possibly the most boring game ever created. Much was expected from this game, but little was delivered. It still has the smallest arsenal of any shooter ever(excluding it's predesecor), and the multiplayer levels are still unimaginative. Some multiplayer levels are much too confusing, and some are just plain old open fields. There is no in-between. The only level that makes for a good time is Battle Creek. If your going to play this game, be sure to take a pillow because your sure to fall asleep due too boredom.
When everybody else fell asleep from playing Halo2, us real gamers busted out the N64 to play Goldeneye a.k.a. the good shooter game.
by Dave December 04, 2004
A common term referring to a soldier who is part of a special ops group, from the US Army's Rangers to the US Navy SEAL's. Counterterrorist units are also special-forces.
"Look at all those soldiers out there in Iraq."
"Actually those are Rangers."
"Absolutely. Special-forces are the ones who fight wars these days."
by Dave September 13, 2004
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