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The foremost type of exploration carried out in the search for oil and gas. the theory behind seismic exploration is a energy source on the surface making seismic waves that reflect off the oil reserviors and are recorded at the earths surface by sensors.

In land exploration the source will be either dynamite or a fleet of vibrators, in marine the source will be airguns. The sensors vary widely in type, but all have the same function as a microphone.
The seismic crew fucked up another startup.
by dude_zeon June 18, 2004
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huge, massive, earthshaking
man, last night was seismic
by jack79 January 24, 2007
A racist person who yells the word faggot.
The seismic shouted, "Shut the fuck up you fucking faggots and shoot them in the brain!"
by CS gamer April 18, 2004

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