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The most hated character in the Star Wars saga, and possibly the most hated character in ANY movie series. Jar Jar Binks was supposed to be a comic relief character, but ended up single-handedly destroying Episode 1, and some of Episode 2. Most Star Wars fans (By most, I mean about 99.99999%) wished Jar Jar would be killed off in Episode 3, but sadly didn't get their wish. Fans have made their own several creative ways for Jar Jar to die, one being that Jar Jar was on Alderaan when it was destroyed.
Jar Jar Binks is the monster child of one of George Lucas' all night crack binges.

Jar Jar Binks needs to die a slow and painful death.
by darth ivory April 07, 2007
To violently shake one's head to music. Headbanging is often accompanied by air guitar.
My friend was headbanging to Pantera.
by darth ivory April 07, 2007
The bassist for the nu-metal band Korn. His birth name is Reginald Arvizu. He plays an Ibanez 5-string bass, and uses the styles of slapping, double slapping, and double popping.
Fieldy is a great bassist.

Fieldy has released his own line of shoes.
by darth ivory April 07, 2007
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