22 definitions by darryl

Slang word for the penis
Jimmy likes to slap his purple helmet warrior
by darryl February 05, 2003
To ruin, or render a software installation usless, by cancelling a simple operation.
I just botched my Norton Internet Security because I tried stopping the virus scan before it was complete.
by Darryl May 06, 2005
masturbation (the "special moment" is of course when you have the orgasm)
before I go to bed, I usually have a pee and a special moment.
by darryl November 30, 2003
When a girl is on top while having sex, and she is riding it. (Think of a pogo stick)
by Darryl July 15, 2003
when a girl has gone for a long bike ride on a lovely hot summers day and left a little sweat mark on the saddle to show just how hard she has worked.
damn, look at that canoe print, i bet you could fit two in her canoe.
by darryl January 28, 2004
Semen on your chin
i gave mellisa some chin jelly last nite
by Darryl February 04, 2003
Really fat kid
Man did you see that Chuga Bus?
by Darryl February 04, 2003

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