21 definitions by darryl

The action taken by someone when they return to anything that is not good for them.
Drugs, an abusive relationship, jail, Satan!!! (you get the picture)
by Darryl June 26, 2004
YET another word for the penis!
I need to shave my hairy hot dog
by darryl February 05, 2003
when something is creamy and/or moist
darryl is so tender, creamy and moist
by darryl June 22, 2003
To get knocked the fuck out.
Damn rogue, did you see dat foo, Mark get caked by Damon.
by Darryl April 23, 2003
the opposite to moist
its crappy and shite and boring
man that tv show is so fucking damp
by darryl June 22, 2003
Flib comes from the Irish word 'flibrofropy' It means "to disenct and eat ones own house-pet and have wine for a drink."
My, that is a wonderful flib party we attended.
by Darryl March 17, 2005
someone who is constantly playing with his cock or other cocks
Billy wont stop playing with his cock, he is such a cock mongler
by Darryl February 05, 2003
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