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10 definitions by darren sutton

when a woman blows you while she is taking a shit
anyone want a chinese pickle?
by Darren Sutton August 09, 2005
Slang term refering to sperm that is sold to a sperm bank.
I went down to the sperm bank, but got kicked out when I asked the nurse if she could give me some help mining for white gold.
by Darren Sutton April 02, 2003
To be the recipient of anal sex.
To be smacked around throughly (metaphor).
Kevin Bell was loitering outside Hobby Lobby when a huge black guy and some mexican bent him over backwards and rode him to Beaumont.
by Darren Sutton April 02, 2003
When a wang becomes erect.
I became viagrafied at the site of Kevin's sister.
by Darren Sutton March 30, 2003
Private Investigator
Magnum PI was Tom Selleck's greatest triumph.
by Darren Sutton April 03, 2003
see rico or boner
Ruben's cousin gave me a raging rhino.
by Darren Sutton April 02, 2003
That chick I boned the other night.
Rember that time I boned Tawni?
Niether did I until I got the pictures developed.
by Darren Sutton March 28, 2003