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a brown badger is when you get poo stuck in your ass hairs, due to lack of rectal grooming.
hey man, make sure u wipe ur ass properly or ur gna get a brown badger.
by darklanky February 10, 2009
a scroppit is the turkey-neck-esque piece of skin that connects your ballsack to the shaft of your penis.

it is often subject to extreme itching and other miscomforts
dude ive got an itchy scroppit.
by darklanky February 10, 2009
Exactly the same as a brown badger, just with a slightly more witty and comical name
Ive got shatty batty
by Darklanky March 14, 2009
A Word Mash of "Scrote" and "End", forming a wonderful insult.
Dont be such a bloody Scrend, Susan
by Darklanky May 03, 2011
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