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a girl who tans with a more natural resource
girl (shatty) : no! of course i didnt go on a trip to the sun! my oompa lumpa tan is made by moi!

i.e recycled goods
by jade slack January 15, 2007
31 19
another word for shitty
wow kid thats fuckin shatty!
by joe January 17, 2005
25 15
DEFINITION:(Sh-ä-tt-ee) a short fatty, someone who is below average height and considered to be a portly individual.
Example: Latino people are recognized as a physically shatty portioned race
by Nighmansneakyandmean November 01, 2012
3 1
A girl who is short and a fatty. Can be a term of endearment.
Guy A: That chick has a nice face but she's too short and a little plump.
Guy B: Yeah. Total shatty.
by Willy, Prince of Rhyme July 10, 2008
6 6
something that really sucks some big balls. really shitty
Tyler: My mom found out about my whizzinator
Me: wow thats really shatty!
by mcFerrr March 19, 2009
6 9
Noun: Beautiful Average sized Mormon Woman, though clumsy at times she can be very elegant in her natural habitat. They are generally located around such areas as Orange, CA near the flint dr., rd., ave. , st., ln.'s and Utah.
Damn Cami is a badass fucken Shatty!
by ihsum January 01, 2008
5 8