4 definitions by dark0dave

A saying used to psych your self up, just before liftin wieghts. Used by ronny coleman.
David "This weight is really heavy"
Tom "It ain't nothing but a peanut"
by dark0dave February 18, 2010
A mexican douche who has exceeded levels of an el doucho and is now grand el doucho.
David 'Look its Nick'
Tom ' Oh, yeh. El Doucho Grando has returned'
by dark0dave September 22, 2009
A term used when someone wants someone else's cock inside them.
David says "She looks like she wants some cockverschmerton"
Tom says "Yeah she is gagging for it."
by dark0dave September 22, 2009
A man who's seed creates goats.
Aww fuck off you goatmaker!
by dark0dave April 13, 2008

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