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Coolest guy in the old testiment... Look him up...
Some Guy: Aw crap... I just lost the hammer in the river!

Elija: Relax Guy, Take a rest fella...

Some guy: Ya, but we borrowed that form that other guy!

Elija: *Uses powers imparted by God to pull a jedi style retreival of said hammer*
by Danno March 28, 2005
Means poo poo, but can also be baby mice.
I heard they found feces in the boys locker room...

What are feces?

Baby Mice!

by Danno April 06, 2005
forgetting to wash the soap off the area of your balls. then getting a painful chafing rash.
Oh man i got soap red balls!
by Danno April 04, 2005
A pseudonym for the Common Badger (Meles meles). "strange individual" i.e. not what one was expecting

See also Alan Shearer and black and white chap
Thought it might be a queer fella so i kept the dog out
by danno May 28, 2004
A woman who flails her arms around wildly during sex.
"Betty is such a flailer!"
by Danno October 21, 2004
An alternative to saying "I gotta take a shit"
There's feces in my anus!
by Danno April 06, 2005
What my room-mate eats when I white-out the "G" on his box of Grape Nuts
Dude Brian, you know you got Ape Nuts in your mouth?
by Danno April 06, 2005

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