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An Elija is a nice guy, whos great in the bed and treats girls with repect because no girl should be called a bitch
girls tend not to like him but in the future theyre like magnets and he'll stay with you forever
Girl , you need an Elija I heard you broke up with your boyfriend but Elija will always be there for you cause he doesnt disrespect girls,plus hes great in the bed
by notwillferrell November 18, 2016
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Coolest guy in the old testiment... Look him up...
Some Guy: Aw crap... I just lost the hammer in the river!

Elija: Relax Guy, Take a rest fella...

Some guy: Ya, but we borrowed that form that other guy!

Elija: *Uses powers imparted by God to pull a jedi style retreival of said hammer*
by Danno March 28, 2005
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