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emphasises another word
that's pure amazin!!
by danni December 18, 2003
scottish slang
1. drunk to the point of insanity
wasted, wrecked, hammered
2. stoned
am pure oot ma nut man!!
by danni December 18, 2003
bomit When you burp and acidic spew comes up and leaves your mouth tasting of vomit.
"eeeww i just did a stinking bomit"
by Danni October 19, 2004
scottish slang
aah! i just banged my nut off the doorframe!
by danni December 18, 2003
sweet as hell. and for once they're comming to jacksonville.... bas ass
i got the mic and you got the mosh pit
by Danni October 23, 2003
short for fifty cent
fifty's new song is the shit man
by danni December 18, 2003

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