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To throw up stickers - Sticker "bombing" - Graffiti atist's term: To BOMB it!
I've got a bunch of stickers, let's go bomit.
by michele_roberston March 11, 2006

In other words, the explosive anal expulsion of hot liquid turds.

Occurs when, after eating dodgy McGreaseBall Burgers (or similar), the body stubbornly refuses to vomit - instead, as they've gotta come out somewhere, a bomit is born.
OMFG, I just bomited all over your couch, sorry dude!
by FlamHoy December 13, 2010
bomit When you burp and acidic spew comes up and leaves your mouth tasting of vomit.
"eeeww i just did a stinking bomit"
by Danni October 19, 2004
(Australian) Look up the weather forecast on the Bureau of Meteorology website.
Not sure, why don't you bom it and see if the winds picking up
by bighat January 31, 2011

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