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Rolled from highlander rolling papers found in Scottland. They make VERY long joints and the roach material which they come with comes with 'highlander tips' such as 'fed up, skin up' and 'he who hogs the joint gets the stonedist'.
You can recognise a highlander from a normal joint from its sheer length and thickness. Its like smoking a very long cigarette. That gets you amazingly stoned.
Dude: 'I've got only one joint left'
Dudette 1:'Aw well its better than nothing'
*dude takes out the joint"
Dudette 2:'OMG thats huge'
Dude: 'its a highlander'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin January 02, 2006
You have an arduous journey ahead of you. To be in the process of a long bop is almost unheard of being that it refers to such a strenuous journey. Primarily used by chavs and other people also of a crap nature who are too lazy to move.
'u wanna go down the road?'
'but its such a long bop'
by daniel a.k.a benjamin October 04, 2005
Derived from the word 'Yurt' which is a mongolian tent. Can be built using the following: a fold out bed, quilts, brooms/mops/metal poles, sellotape.
Once constructed (if constructed properly) you should have a tent which can stand the test of time (or just the night)which you can cotch in with up to three people. Smoking inside of the Yerg is NOT recommended.
'We need somewhere to cotch'
'Its gonna have to be a Yerg then'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin November 05, 2005
A very talented individual, one who can mold wax into various useful objects in the absence of a real one such as an ash tray.
Scenario: Friends in a pub
Tom: shit..dya have an ashtray?
Roise the Waxsmith: gimme 2mins a candle and some fire...'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin April 11, 2006

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