Another name for a trick-like female, but does not mean a prostitute.
Yu yerg! Yu Slept with all my homies while i was in cell block 4!
by piiglett. April 16, 2009
A Female Who Get Around On A Sexual Note.
" Yooo! I Heard Shorty Was A Yerg"
"Im Bout To Go Smash This Yerg"
by MulaMami August 25, 2009
Derived from the word 'Yurt' which is a mongolian tent. Can be built using the following: a fold out bed, quilts, brooms/mops/metal poles, sellotape.
Once constructed (if constructed properly) you should have a tent which can stand the test of time (or just the night)which you can cotch in with up to three people. Smoking inside of the Yerg is NOT recommended.
'We need somewhere to cotch'
'Its gonna have to be a Yerg then'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin November 05, 2005
When a man or female makes a dumb remark or comment or when someone thinks they're funny. A very gay word to use but if you want a laugh it is great to use.
Gradt: I worked the whole entire day and made 70 dollars.
Muller: "Yerg"
Muller: Lets go get drunk during the day at my house.
Gradt: "Yerg"
by matt87m2 June 30, 2009
When someone says somthing and you reply with yerg which means "oh yea"
"im coming over"
by richi March 09, 2005

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