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Extremely large; bigger than giant and enormous
I have a Ginormous Penis.
by Dan March 08, 2002
What you become when you break up with a girl.
Man - "We need to talk."
Woman - "You're a monster."
by Dan May 12, 2004
the ultimate purpose of life
I got laid last night by that hot cambodian
by dan July 26, 2004
Slang word for and. One of the many reasons I cannot successfully communicate with other teenagers through the internet, since they do not write in clear English
nd he was like so cute
by Dan February 29, 2004
Lead singer of bands: Tool and A Perfect Circle. very talented, perhaps one of the best rock vocalists ever, and writes some really deep lyrics as well. While many complain that he doesnt appreciate his fans, he claims that he doesnt want to hear millions of people constantly praising his work because he thinks it will eventually make him and the band lazy and discontinue to produce the top quality music they do and slump down to being a mediocre band. but he is appreciative if you pay attention, if you ever goto concerts thats usually where he takes a little time to thank the fans. i went to one in New York and he stated, "sometimes we forget why we do this. theres so much bullshit in this business. so thank you for reminding us tonight why we do this"
Maynard James Keenan
by Dan January 14, 2005
Attractive; mainly facially aesthetics.

Face that could be defined as cute or attractive, usually coupled with an average body, which is good enough to accompany the face, but not aesthetically noticeable to the order which detracts from the face.

A person can be pretty without being fit
Rose...she is pretty, but not fit
by Dan January 29, 2005
1. One who expresses himself through the urban street poetry form called "rap". 2. A formerly unique form of black urban street cultural expression now completely neutered and watered down as rendered part of the safe timid white mainstream thanks to big business. It's gone from an attitude and a method of expressiong your troubles, woes and worries to an image that sells everything from phones to fast food. When McDonalds is using rap as part of its advertising campaign, it's time to pull the sheet over the patient's eyes, the spirit has long since departed.
Eric described himself as a rapper even though he isn't black and can't rhyme to save his life.
by dan January 26, 2004
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