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the real definition of an "uncle ted" is someone who walks into an empty restroom full of empty stalls, other than the one you are in, and opts to drop a major duece in the stall right next to you, which in turn annoys the fuck out of you just like your uncle ted does. Not recommended as uncle tedding someone can get your shoes pissed on.
"dude, im pissed as fuck."
"why what happened?"
"I was enjoying my peaceful morning shat session when some asshole decided to uncle ted me."
"what did you do?"
"I pissed on his shoes."
"good, he deserved it. Some people!"
by dabizz December 05, 2007
a tattoo on ones back.
"why do you have a tattoo on your back that say's "backtoo?"

"why, because that's exactly what it is."

by dabizz February 04, 2008
quite simply, fingering a bitch. A long practiced time honored tradition.
Jonny: "Hey Cody, why do you keep smelling your fingers?"

Cody: "Well, I just gave my ole lady Amber the ole two finger jones.

Jonny: Oh....can I smell?
by dabizz December 04, 2007
when you toss a cigarette butt. a cigarette contains nicotine, hence nicky. flick hence flicky.
"yo dawg, you want the last hit of that bogue?"
"naw dude, that shits cashed. flicky that nicky"
by dabizz December 08, 2007
Funky thick sweaty butter that comes famunda your nuts. Also known as nut funk and duck butter
"We're all out of butter but I already started making toast."

"I've got some famunda butter you can put on it"

"I don't know what that is nor do I care, it sounds delicious. Would you mind slappin some on my toast while i go and check my email"

"Gladly Mother!"
by dabizz February 29, 2008
A grilled cheese sammich that has either been left out all night or refrigerated turning it into chilled grease. Delicious if you have any kind of munchies, not if you don't
"Do you want a taste of this deliciious chilled grease sammich?'

"Thats naasssttyyyy!"
by dabizz February 29, 2008
The bad news of all your stupid drunk antics that comes from a close friend the night after partyin'
Dude #1: Dude, last night you pissed off of my balcony and got me a complaint from my apartment manager. You pissed in my sink and got piss all over my bathroom counter. You threw up on my carpet, then you called your girl over and made out with her after throwing up. You ran down the street by my house to get more beer and ended up getting stopped by a cop, then you told the cop that you were at my house so they came to make sure there was no under-age drinking going on. You drunk dialed every one on your phone. Then you ordered pizza and tried to make the obviously mormon pizza guy smoke weed for a tip. Then you tried to get tough with me when I told you to chill the fuck out. Yeah dude, you're 86'd from my pad.

Dude #2: Damn, I hate the dreaded re-cap
by dabizz March 20, 2008

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