10 definitions by dabizz

Overly caucasian, do not place on dance floor.
"I'm OC, do not place me on a dance floor"
by dabizz March 04, 2008
Someone, mostly males from the ages of 13-19, who run around throwing rocks at people for no good reason. They throw stones, hence the term "stoner".
Benny: "Ya see that boy Jonny walking towards us?"

Me: "Yeah, what about him?"

Benny: "Well rumor has it that he is quite the stoner."

*takes off running*
by dabizz June 16, 2008
A hick and a hillbilly all rolled into one funny lookin creature. Also known as Hickabilly and Hillbicky
HickyBill " Look at um down der, burshin der teef."

Me "shut up you hicky"
by dabizz February 21, 2008

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