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From the old Our Gang show where the little boys hated the little girls and would not allow them into the club. A modern day version is any group of men who love to hate and hate to love the females. HMWH are not gay, just can't stand the BS that females offer. Another example is Al Bundy's NO MA'AM Club.
I am a member of the He Man Woman Haters Club.
by D0c February 21, 2006
to get arrested by the police.... a very old term.
I was pinched by the cops.
by d0c February 12, 2008
The best selling light beer in the USA. The Silver Bullet ROCKS!
Coors Light, The Silver Bullet!
by D0c February 22, 2006
When there is a good looking male or female at your job, that on the outside would not be so hot.

You can substitute "Work" with the name of your place of business... She's Coors hot or he's Walmart hot.
Sue is really work hot, but if she was at the bar...she would not be as hot compared to the others.
by D0c March 17, 2009
The hanging fat on the back of the arms above the elbow and under the armpit of a woman. No muscle (tricep) all blubber.
Look at the lunch lady arms on that pig.....
by D0c June 23, 2007
To have sex...fuck...screw...knock boots!
Are you two bumping ugly?
by D0c February 21, 2006
Can't Understand Normal Thinking!
A slam on the "unusual" thinking habits of the fairer sex, CUNT....
by D0c February 21, 2006

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