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38 definitions by d0c

A rank in a police, sheriff or fire department, usually the commander of a team or group of officers.

A male captain will sometimes offer to any female.... Want a little Captain in ya?!
Captain, my captain.... Yes please put a little captain in me!
by D0c February 22, 2006
22 26
A United States Marine
Look at Gomer in the blue uniform.
by D0c February 21, 2006
25 32
A white person... short of Peckerwood.
Look theres a woody in the hoody!
by D0c February 21, 2006
18 30
A political or religious belief.... maybe in the middle of the road or just don't give a F**K! A great answer when someone asks what political or religious belief are you... just say PEDESTRIAN!
I am a liberal, conservative pedestrian who is not affiliated with a religion, however I celeberate all of the Christian, Jewish, Muslem and other such holidays in order to get cool gifts and to get drunk!
by d0c August 12, 2006
34 50
A penis.... nothing more! From the word in Spanish CHORIZO which is sausage.
Beso mi choda por favor! or kiss my dick please!
by d0c August 12, 2006
32 53
Another name for a pussy. A gizz sounding like GA-IZZZ, not jizz as in sperm or cum.
My friend has a gizz vent in her car, which blows A/C on her bare gizz.

REMEMBER: G is for girl and GIZZ... not J as in jizz!
by d0c August 12, 2006
27 53
A chick with red pubic hair.
She is a real Strawberry Shortcake
by D0c March 09, 2006
55 82