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3 definitions by curtdaddy

a midget stick is guy who wont give girls more than 2 chances to be his friend after they give him lame excuses as to why they cant hang out with him. also this could be a case of misunderstanding between the 2 parties. he is a midget stick because he does not measure up to a real man and talk to the girls to get the real story.
that guy eduardo might be a midget stick because he has not talked to that girl in over a year because she stood him up.
by curtdaddy August 04, 2010
the best wife and mother ever and thinks BONJOVI is cool
Donya E listens to bonjovi with her husband
by curtdaddy August 03, 2010
beetle juice is the code word for blowjob
i hope i get some beetle juice at the party tonight
by curtdaddy August 04, 2010